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Residential Aged Care

At Chris Barnard Nursing Agency, we recognise the unique nature of the workforce requirements within the Residential Aged Care industry, and the challenges and ever-changing demands in consumer care.

By providing reliable and flexible staffing solutions we can help you reduce operating costs while improving staffing flexibility.

Staffing Solutions

We provide complete workforce solutions including:

Our Workforce

Our team is on hand to provide job-ready, Aged Care professional personnel including:

Reduced Risk

Risk management is extremely important in Aged Care and we can help you effectively manage risks by making sure that you are never short of skilled nurses and carers. Our members will “hit the ground running” because they are experienced and specialised in Aged Care.

Social Support – Medical Escort Services

Our medical escort services provide social support and assistance for your residents to attend medical appointments or family events outside of your facility. We recognise social support is a growing demand and our team can tailor it to each residents’ individual needs.

Contract and Permanent Positions

Chris Barnard Health is your partner for contract-based and permanent positions for Aged Care nurses and any management roles. We provide recruitment solutions throughout Australia for Executive management positions such as CEO, COO. General Manager and other board level positions.

Proven Quality

We are multiple recipients of the Australian Achiever Awards for Excellence in Customer Service in the Australian Retirement and Care Services and hold ISO accreditation for the quality of our management system.

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