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As one of the leading aged care specialist nursing agencies in Melbourne, we believe that a recruitment agency should be a specialist in their field; an expert in a niche market, and able to provide a customised, professional service to clients and candidates alike. Our company was formed with that philosophy at its core and we have dedicated ourselves to the aged care industry by offering a streamlined and effective service that is committed to always providing both our nurses, carers, and clients with the best experience!

ISO9001 Accredited Nursing Agency
Most nursing agencies will claim to provide the highest level of care, but how can you really determine the quality of your agency? At Chris Barnard Nursing Agency, we are certified according to the Aged Care Accreditation and Quality Framework principles with strong a customer focus.

What is ISO9001?
ISO9001 is an internationally recognized Quality Management System. ISO9001 provides a set of requirements that will give you confidence that we can consistently provide services that:
We are independently assessed to verify conformity to ISO9001 requirements by recognized certified bodies.


is to offer the aged care industry a one-stop-shop for its resourcing needs, with dedicated teams selected to service the various niche areas within the aged care sector. Chris Barnard Nursing Agency will offer you a service with unmatched professionalism, ensuring the confidentiality of the client and candidate remains of great importance.


has always been important to us and we strive daily as a team to be always transparent and work with a clear focus to act in the best interest of both our clients and nurses! Through doing this we have been able to build long-standing relationships based on trust with our clients, nurses, and carers - a core value that has helped us to be who we are, since the beginning of Chris Barnard Nursing Agency to become one of the most trusted nursing agencies in Melbourne!


The team at Chris Barnard Nursing Agency is dedicated to being as accurate as possible when matching skill sets of nurses & carers to your specific needs - a commitment that takes a lot of in-depth knowledge and time, but hard work is not something we are afraid of! We at Chris Barnard Nursing Agency go that extra mile to nurture and mentor our team to make them the best in the industry!

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